Get Lucky with this Great Story

June 5, 2015

I’m excited to tell you about a great new e-book just released: Getting Lucky with the Rock Star by my good friend Amy Lamont. You may not know yet about Amy’s fun and sexy series, Holiday Encounters, which follows four friends having life-changing romantic adventures in New York. Getting Lucky is the third book in […]

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Cover Love!

May 11, 2015

Mondays can sometimes be a drag, so it was a refreshing twist to receive my latest book cover from my publisher this morning. Psychic Seductions is an anthology of psychic-related romance stories by seven of us Beachwalk Press authors. If the gorgeous cover is any indication, readers are in for a real treat. My story, […]

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Hello Beautiful!

May 2, 2015

Two weeks ago I wrote about the message on the waistband of my new slacks: You’re Gorgeous! Loved it. This week I received my shipment of subscription hair color from Madison-Reed. I have used this great product for several months. The best part — aside from the rich, lasting color — is that they’d managed […]

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On the Road Again

April 25, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how the time change had made it so difficult for me to get up at six that I just wasn’t making any progress with my story. I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to push past the problem and To Everfield for Christmas is back on […]

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You Are Gorgeous!

April 18, 2015

I recently had to go clothes shopping. That’s right, I said “had to”. Whatever gene the majority of women got that makes them love to shop for clothes is apparently missing in my DNA makeup. This was true even when I was a perfect size eight. It’s even more true now that single digit sizes […]

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Stalled :(

April 11, 2015

Ever since the daylight savings time change a few weeks ago, my writing projects have been completely stalled. Since I work full time at our family business, I have to make good use of my two days off — Sunday and Monday — and whatever morning hours I can grab to work on my stories. […]

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It’s FitBit Love!

March 30, 2015

I’ve been hearing about FitBits for months. At first I was on the fence. I already had a basic pedometer, and my step count each day was miserably low. Having a desk job, I wondered if there was any way to work any significant number of steps into my day. Would it really be worth […]

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Spring is Here

March 12, 2015

Everywhere in the Pacific Northwest, spring is in evidence. I took this shot outside the bank the other day, and this blossom-covered tree is no oddity. There are pink and white trees all over the place. We have a little orchard at our house, and our pear trees are already in bloom too. Early bloom […]

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A New Sale

March 6, 2015

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping in. My most recent news is a contract from Beachwalk Press for my 15K short story, A Hint of Heaven. This story will be included with six others in an exciting new anthology to be released later this spring. All the stories in the book have psychic themes. Stay tuned […]

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What You Don’t See Here

February 19, 2015

Hi everyone. For all of you in the eastern part of the country, struggling under the snow drifts and sub-zero temps, my heart truly goes out to you. Hang in there. Spring has to come eventually. As I mention on my contact page, I run a spam filter here which requires me to read and […]

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