Out My Writing Window – September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Hello, friends. One can hardly expect to type this date without recalling what happened in New York and Washington DC…and on that jet above Pennsylvania. Remembering, I am humbled by the selfless acts of the responders and the brave passengers of Flight 93. And I feel for the families of those who were lost. I […]

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Help me Choose a Cover

September 4, 2013

Hello Friends: In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I have a story coming out in November which will be part of a three-part anthology. Today we have to choose our cover from the two possible mockups below. We’re having trouble choosing and have decided to let you all choose for us. Please take a […]

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Out My Writing Window ~ August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

Good Morning, Friends. It’s Wednesday again, isn’t it?  Last weekend hubby and I took a trip to the southern Oregon coast to visit my brother. On the way, we stopped in the little town of Cottage Grove for dinner. What a charming place the historic district is! A perfect setting for my small town romance […]

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Out My Writing Window ~ August 21

August 21, 2013

Hello again, Friends. Last week I wrote about how my hubby had recently rented a brush hog and mowed down most of the “wilderness” on our three acres. One area he didn’t touch is a spot we call Angel Grove. It’s a grouping of eleven Douglas Firs near the house that seemed to us from […]

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Out My Writing Window ~ August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

Hello readers. My big thrill is that I recently upgraded my cellphone to a smart phone. That’s right — I’ve finally joined the 21st century. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – a beautiful piece of equipment with lots of bells and whistles that will take me forever to learn. One thing that IS easy […]

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Look Out Seattle!

June 5, 2013

The other morning I got up earlier than usual for a Sunday, but I didn’t mind. I was anxious to meet online with my two critique buddies, Kaylie Newell and Amy Lamont. Kaylie had said she needed some plot advice, and I was anxious to hear more about her work in progress and help out […]

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Tai Chi and Writing

April 30, 2013

As I get older, I am (blessedly) less concerned with vanity about my appearance and more desirous of feeling flexible, well balanced and energetic. I have always thought that practicers of Tai Chi embodied those qualities, in addition to appearing peaceful. So when my local community college scheduled a beginning Tai Chi class for 55+ […]

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Holiday Wishes

December 12, 2012

Is it just too incredibly trite to say that the last few weeks have simply flown by? What the heck is the deal with TIME, anyway? Does it just HAVE TO disappear the way it does? Sheesh! Give me a break! So here it is, December 12th, less than two weeks until Christmas. I finally […]

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Where I am Going

November 1, 2012

If you’ve read the few posts I’ve put up in the last year, you know I had been writing and selling erotic romance under my alter ego name. I’ve also been under treatment for cancer and I’m doing well. Treatment now over, no evidence of disease on the last scan I had. If there’s one […]

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The Romance of Autumn

October 12, 2012

In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, we have had an unusually long “Indian Summer” this year. The past month has been dry and golden, with temperatures in the 70s and clear blue skies. Everyone has remarked on how spoiled we’ve gotten and how hard it will be when the rainy weather finally comes. Well, […]

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