Guest Author Interview: Leigh Lee

by Nola on July 24, 2017

Today I am thrilled to welcome historical romance author Leigh Lee as my special guest. She has a brand new book out, and I’m lucky enough to have read an ARC. Anyone who enjoys historical romance – especially Civil War era romance – will love Rules of Decorum.

NC:  Leigh, where did you get the idea for the plot of Rules of Decorum?

LL:   The idea for Rules of Decorum started many years ago. I was in a library looking over old newspaper articles and came across one that told the story of a woman who joined the Union Army at the beginning of the American Civil War, disguised as a man. Her captain ended up finding out her secret and she was discharged and sent home. However they stayed in touch via letters and the two fell in love. The couple married at the end of the war. As you can imagine, this sparked my imagination. I knew I would write a novel someday with this theme in mind, and that it would take place in Gettysburg. I began researching the Civil War, specifically the battle at Gettysburg, which happened only a few hours from where I lived. I attended a reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg which seemed so real that I was left in tears.

NC:  Have you always been interested in the Civil War?

LL:   Yes I have. My ancestors were very involved in the war on both the northern and southern sides. On my mother’s side, my great, great grandfather owned a tobacco plantation in North Carolina at the time of the war. My great grandmother was related to General Custer.  Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, is also an ancestor on my father’s side of the family.

NC:  What makes your heroine, Eugenia, special?  And your hero, Jeffery?

LL:   Eugenia is a young woman who at the beginning of the war loses everything—her family and home—and must find a way to survive in a war torn era where women were not afforded many options. She’s a chameleon who has had to transform herself, even her gender, and adjust to not only each new situation, but also survive the rigors of the most brutal war on American soil. Her strength of character presents a positive role model for young women today.

Jeffery is a regimented man who prefers order to his life, and for that reason he does well in the military. From the beginning, he senses something is not right about his new sergeant, but he can never quite figure it out as the ragamuffin is constantly setting his orderly world on end. He is a very upstanding, proper man who believes in treating people kindly, and with respect. He has rules by which he lives his life, and expects others to do so also. Yet when presented with Eugenia’s odd behavior and the discovery of her unusual set of circumstances, it is he who must learn to adapt.

NC:  Is this book connected in any way to any of the other books you’ve published?

LL:  Yes. In Rules of Decorum, Jeffery Bradford is the son of Alexander and Rebecca Bradford, who are the main characters in No Fear My Love, my second book, also a historical romance that takes place in Lancaster, PA in 1833.

NC:  What project are you working on next?

LL:  As most writers, I have several manuscripts that are unfinished and it is my goal to finish them. I do have a few new ideas in mind, one of which is a contemporary romance.
It’s been a pleasure being here at your website. Please let me thank you, Nola, for inviting me and allowing me to talk about my new book, Rules of Decorum. I hope your readers will enjoy it. If they would like to know more about me and my books, they can find me at:

My website:



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