The Small Joys of Summer

by Nola on July 18, 2017

You know, life is short. It really does just kind of zip right past while we are busy doing and planning other stuff. This year, I am making a point to notice and enjoy the summer. I work during the day at our computer repair shop, but the evenings are all mine. I especially enjoy taking walks after supper, usually accompanied by our collie dog, Kiki, our two younger cats and a chicken or two. Our property has a long narrow layout, which gives us a lovely grassy lane to stroll up. On the way I pass our little orchard, a cluster of fir trees we call Four Friends, and Honeytown, the name we’ve given to the area where a local beekeeper has stationed a small city of very busy hives. We’ve left half of our three acres “natural”. Wild daisies and tansy ragwort sway in the evening breeze, and the grasses grow long. Deer graze here and sleep in the deep grass beneath the trees. (I can see the depressions there when I leave for work in the mornings.) As the light fades, I return to my house feeling renewed and grateful for my little green spot on the planet.

I’ve been editing a book for a friend, so my own writing projects have been at a standstill. But that work is ended now, and I’ll be getting back to Making Merri – Everfield Book One tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to get this story finished and off to a potential agent.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re making a point to notice and enjoy the moments of your day.

~ Nola
“Small town — big love.” 

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