Counting Down

by Nola on February 26, 2011

In just less than a month now, the finalists in the Golden Heart competition will be announced. For those of you not in the know, the GH is the most prestigious writing contest for unpublished romance authors. It’s sponsored by the Romance Writers of America, the world’s largest writer’s organization, and a win — or even a finalist position — in the GH can make a new writer’s career.

When I sent in my entry over three months ago, it had never occurred to me to do anything but write long (60k words) category romances. I had one “in the can” which I submitted, and another finished but needing a final polish, plus one languishing in chapter two. Plenty to keep me busy while I waited, right? ┬áBut instead of working on those, I got distracted writing short erotica under a pen name. In the last two months I’ve contracted two shorter stories and a novella with an e-publisher who is a joy to work with. In April I will actually get a royalty statement and my first check. I am finding that I love writing the shorter stuff. I think the pacing suits my writing style. I am learning to be more succinct and crisp, which is great. And of course it is fun dreaming up those super-steamy scenes.

What will happen if I final in the GH or win? Well, of course I’ll take that good fortune and run with it. Maybe try to find an agent to rep me to Harlequin. But it’s not my only option now, and that is the best feeling.

Be sure and check back here on March 25th as I post my results.

~ Nola

“Expect romance.”

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