A Peaceful Outlook

by Nola on June 11, 2015

20150611_081439Things have been hectic at my house the past few weeks. Our dog was really sick (she’s better now), I’ve had my own health challenges, and we found out we’ve lost our lease on our nearby computer repair shop space. We’ve been madly looking for a new home for our business. We found a good place, and now we’re dealing with everything necessary to make the move in three weeks. What a head ache. Somewhere in between all that, I’m also writing a couple of books. In my spare time. LOL.

This morning I found myself staring blankly out my dining room window as I thought about everything I needed to accomplish today. Then I blinked and really looked at the view out there. It’s a view I’ve looked at every day for the twenty years we’ve lived in this house. It hit me newly how grateful I am that our house is surrounded by trees. The trees outside my dining room actually belong to our neighbor to the north. I’m so glad they’ve never cleared that tiny patch of forest, because so much of my energy and peace comes from the green beauty I get to see out there every day.

I know things will settle down again and the stress will lessen for awhile until the next challenge pops up. That’s just how life is. Meanwhile, I’ll take my solace where I can find it — right outside my window.

Have a peaceful week, every one.

~ Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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