Hello Beautiful!

by Nola on May 2, 2015

20150426_162022Two weeks ago I wrote about the message on the waistband of my new slacks: You’re Gorgeous! Loved it. This week I received my shipment of subscription hair color from Madison-Reed. I have used this great product for several months. The best part — aside from the rich, lasting color — is that they’d managed to make a non-toxic formula. As a former cancer patient, I try to limit my exposure to unhealthy ingredients, especially things I apply to my skin and scalp, so I was thrilled to find the Madison-Reed line. My only reservation has been the packaging. Although it was well done and recyclable, there was just too much of it; boxes within boxes within boxes.

Well, apparently I was not the only one to dislike that feature. My shipment last week came in new, scaled-down packaging. I love it. Know what I love even more? The message on the inside of the box when I opened it: Hello Beautiful. We’re here to take good care of you and your hair. I’m not sure why, but I actually teared up when I read that. How many times in my day-to-day life do I hear that someone is going to take care of me? I’ll tell you — zero times. So Madison-Reed’s commitment to making a friendly product really hit home. It’s not just a marketing phrase — it’s a true commitment.

And it makes me feel special. Just like when I put on my new Lee slacks. Hello Beautiful…You’re Gorgeous. Gosh, I just can’t hear that enough!

On the writing front this week, I just completed copy edits on A Hint of Heaven. The next you’ll hear about it, I hope to be sharing a cover. Woot!

Have a great week, everyone. And thanks for stopping by.

~ Nola
Small town…big love.

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