End of an Era

by Nola on February 11, 2011

Harlequin announced last year that they will be phasing out their Silhouette imprint this spring. Only three of the Silhouette lines will survive and become Harlequin lines. One of them is my favorite: Special Edition.

Silhouette Special Editions are may favorite books to read. They are stories of America, usually small town or rural life, and the central conflict is usually an issue I can easily relate to. The characters are good people with hopes and dreams like mine, and the books always end on a positive, satisfying and romantic note. Sigh. I sometimes think about those characters weeks later and wonder how they are doing now. The stories are that compelling.

SSEs are also the kind of books I write. I have two finished now. One is polished and has been submitted to the Golden Heart; awaiting judging results in late March. The other one needs a little tweaking to make it submit-ready. (As I wait for GH results, I am busily writing short erotica under my pseudonym to keep the juices flowing… so to speak.)

But even if the best thing happens and I final in the GH and get a reading by a Harlequin/Silhouette editor and they love it and want to buy it — it won’t be the same. Because it won’t be an SSE, it’ll be an HSE.

Will I be thrilled anyway? Of course! That would be my dream coming true, baby. Well, most of my dream. (There’s still that thing with the H instead of the S.)

The last SSEs will come out next month. End of an era. Sniff.

~ Nola

“Expect romance!”

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