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by Nola on April 11, 2015

engine stalledEver since the daylight savings time change a few weeks ago, my writing projects have been completely stalled. Since I work full time at our family business, I have to make good use of my two days off — Sunday and Monday — and whatever morning hours I can grab to work on my stories. I was doing great before the time change, getting up at 6:00 most days and cranking out words before I had to leave for work. Suddenly, a couple minor changes in my life have conspired to make any serious writing very challenging.

I’ve had a small health glitch going on for several months that turned out to be no big deal, but the worry has been sapping me and I haven’t been sleeping well because of it. Add that to the time change, and the thought of getting out of my cozy bed at 6:00 is about as appealing as walking on nails. I just cannot seem to make it happen. Plus I’ve been trying to spend more time with my little grand daughter on weekends. She lives in Portland, an hour away. She’s getting close to three now, and we’re really bonding, so the fun with her has been totally worth missing my writing days.

But I’m torn. Being a serious author is my LIFE PLAN. In three years or so I hope to leave behind my job and write full time. In order to justify doing that, I need to have more books out there and at least a modest fan following. As the days tick by and the word count languishes. I start to feel a little disconnected from my dream. Like it might not happen. Ack!

What about you? Ever had a firm plan that got derailed? What did you do to get yourself back on track? I’d love to hear about it. Meanwhile, hold a good thought for me please.

~ Nola
“Small town…big love.”



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