Give me a Break!

by Nola on February 10, 2015

20150207_154029A few days ago I wrote about plans for hubby and I to take a weekend off at the beach together. We had a wonderful two days being lazy, enjoying the sight of the surf from our room and eating the best sausage pizza we’d ever had from a place just down the road.

It was interesting to share a small space; I think we’ve become spoiled by the roominess of our house. Hubby is an “owl”. He enjoys staying up late and sleeping late in the morning. I’m a “dove”. I do my best work from about 6 in the morning until noon or so. So Sunday morning I quietly made some coffee and pulled my chair up to the window to work on my latest story, while hubby snored away across the room. For inspiration, I glanced out now and then at the couples on the beach walking their dogs, at the gulls hovering over the waves, at the endless gray Pacific horizon. I actually got quite a few words written by checkout time. We found a great lunch spot — oh the chowder! — and spent the afternoon wending our way home on the back roads. We’re back in our groove now, refreshed and recharged. This photo shows the view from my writing window on the day we arrived. It’s was raining like crazy! Even the hardiest souls stayed indoors.

I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Have a great week.

~ Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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