Official Blurb Day!

by Nola on November 8, 2014

SunnysHope_MediumHi All.  I hope the fall is treating you well, where ever you are. Here in southwest Washington state we had about ten days of rain recently that caused flooding in our computer repair shop. Things have dried out and we’re putting ourselves back together and enjoying a couple of cool, clear days before more rain comes. Thanks goodness the roof is now fixed!

In my writing world, I finished up line edits yesterday on SUNNY’S HOPE and got them back to my editor at Beachwalk Press. The official blurb has also been approved. Thought you’d like to get a peek at what happens to Sunny and Ben in this upcoming novella. The release date is December 15th!

Official Blurb:  Can their bright new love survive?

It’s a new year and Sunny Williamson and Ben Stillman have just fallen in love. The future holds so much shining promise for them and their two kids. Then, after a wonderful family day together, tragedy strikes. They are all involved in a serious car crash, and both Sunny and her little girl, Jasmine, are injured. While Sunny’s injuries are fairly minor, Jasmine hovers in a coma from which she may never fully recover.

Can Sunny—a grade-school teacher—accept the unthinkable idea that her daughter may have permanent brain damage? Can she fend off her slimy ex-husband, who is only out to profit from their misfortune? And will Ben always be tormented by a terrible sense of guilt, wondering if there was something he could have done to prevent the collision?

As Sunny and Ben struggle to come to terms with the calamity, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will their bright new love survive or shatter like delicate ice?

Content Warning: contains scenes of sensual sex and adult language  (Woo-hoo!)

I can’t wait for you readers to get this sequel to Sunny’s Second Chance into your Kindles and Nooks. I hope you all will love it.

Have a great week everyone!

“Small town…Big love.”

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