Special Guest Author: Kaylie Newell

by Nola on August 25, 2014

Lone Wolfe CoverHey Readers! Today I am thrilled to welcome one of my very favorite authors, Kaylie Newell. She has a new book releasing today (August 25, 2014) from Entangled Publishing, Lone Wolfe Protector. As Kaylie’s critique partner, I’ve been privileged to read this story as it developed, and I’m so excited at the way the finished product turned out. You readers are going to love it!

Hi, Nola!  Thank you so much for having me today.  Release days are pretty exciting anyway, but I’m extra super excited (can you tell?) for this book. 

Nola Cross:  Kaylie, for those who don’t know the story behind the story, please recount for us what inspired you to write Lone Wolfe Protector.

Kaylie Newell: The idea was born on a road trip with my best friend when we passed a spooky little town in the woods.  We started asking ourselves questions like, what if we ran out of gas here?  What if one of us disappeared here?  And finally, the biggie…what if there were werewolves here?

Falling in love with the characters was almost instantaneous for me.  They came to life so quickly, that the writing part was an absolute joy. I wasn’t sure when I started the book how it was going to end, so it was a roller coaster ride for sure.  I hope it will be for my readers, as well. 

NC:  Have you always wanted to write paranormal stories?

KN: I naturally gravitate toward writing spooky, suspenseful stuff, because those are the kind of books I like to read.  Stephen King is my idol (it’s ridiculous how much I heart him.  Ask my husband and he’ll tell you).  He’s also the inspiration behind several of my stories.  I love Karen Robards and Alice Hoffman as well.  I like to think my books are a mixture of those three writing styles.  But the romance is front and center, always!

NC:  The hero of Lone Wolfe Protector is a Native American hunk, Koda Wolfe. The amazing book cover gives us just a few clues to what he’s like, and it’s all good. Of all your books, is Koda the favorite hero you’ve written, and why?

KN: That’s a toughie.  I love Koda.  He’s damaged and sexy and dark and fabulous.  His alpha, protective nature alone makes my knees weak (I’m easy).  But I love my other heroes too.  It’s kind of like having to choose between your children. ( Impossible 😉

NC:  The heroine, Maggie, is bold yet vulnerable, the perfect foil for Koda. I really admired her. Is her character a little bit autobiographical?

KN: I wish!  I think we all tend to write a little bit of ourselves into our heroines.  But Maggie would be me to the tenth power.  She’s much more brave than I am.  She’s more pensive — she tends to think a lot before doing something and I tend to be on the impulsive side.  (Something that’s gotten me in trouble with my hair more times than I care to admit.)  But we’re alike in some ways, too.  The main one is that we’re both hot for Koda Wolfe.

NC:  I understand there might be a series of Wolfe Creek stories. Can you tell us more about that?

KN: I’m working on finishing up the second book now, Hunter of Her Heart.  This is Zane Wolfe’s story, Koda’s little brother.  He’s pretty yummy himself.  Bad boy, sex God…I could go on and on.  There will be a third book too, but that one’s kind of a secret right now.  (Mainly because it’s still unfolding in my noggin.)  But I’m already itching to write it.  The people of Wolfe Creek are kind of insistent about their stories being told 😉

NC: Well, Kaylie, your book has been getting rave reviews from beta readers, and every word of praise is well-deserved. Congratulations, I’m sure you have a hit on your hands. I’ll be looking forward to reading book two as soon as you finish it. Thanks for joining me here today.

Readers, this link takes you straight to the Amazon page so you can read an excerpt and buy Lone Wolfe Protector right now.
And this link takes you to Barnes and Noble to buy the book right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a great week, everyone!

~ Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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Kaylie Newell August 25, 2014 at 8:49 am

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