Goodbye, Robin

by Nola on August 12, 2014

robinYesterday we all got the sad news that the great Robin Williams had taken his own life. What a loss for the world! I had watched his new (canceled) TV show, The Crazy Ones, a couple of times but couldn’t really connect to it. I admit to feeling a twinge of guilt about that yesterday. ┬áMaybe success for that show would have kept him here.

We can never know what it feels like to be someone else. The pain and sadness we might experience is unique to each of us. And so, despite the fact that he had a loving family, many awards, and the adoration of the planet, he chose to end his pain by the only fool-proof method. It just goes to show that achieving notoriety and having money can’t fix everything. I’ll have to remember that when I get rich and famous.

My personal belief is that we do not ever die; we pass from this existence into a new one, and part of that new life is a self-review. My prayer this morning is that Mr. Williams is fully present to the amazing gifts he brought to the planet; that he has found relief from his pain. And that he will decide he wants to come back again, as soon as possible.

Have a great week.

~ Nola
“Small town…Big love.”

PS – The sequel to Sunny’s Second Chance is coming right along. I’m on track for a December release date. Woo-hoo!

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