Release Day!

by Nola on July 21, 2014

SunnysSecondChance_Medium-200x300Although Sunny’s Second Chance actually released from Amazon a couple of days early, today is its official release day. Hooray! Sales were quite brisk the first two days, which was a thrilling experience for me. Thanks to all who bought a copy of the first story published under my own name.

I’ve also received a couple of wonderful reader reviews. Authors so appreciate it when readers take the time to post reviews. Your comments on Amazon and Barnes and Noble help other readers decide what to read! But more important, your words encourage us to keep writing. Reader Nikale titled her review “Inspired”. Here’s what she had to say:

I really enjoyed this read. I wish it was just a little longer. I think it would’ve been interesting to see how his ex in-laws would have taken him moving on. And to have been privy to Sunny reading Charles the riot act. Selfish prick. It would’ve been nice to see how the relationship evolved. Ie….any future kids. But I enjoyed it none the less. It was almost startling to read this work of fiction but could definitely find reality in the pages. The self doubt, guilt and lack of confidence left in the aftermath of a departing partner. And let’s not bring light to the arrogance of the departing parent who thinks it’s okay to return at their leisure. Lol I guess it’s not to hard to figure out which character I relate to. Right down to making up excuse for the sake of a child’s feelings! Anyway thanks Ms. Cross for sharing your work!

Nikale, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. I’m so glad I crafted a story you could relate to.

For those who may want to read a sample of the book and decide whether or not to buy, here is the Amazon sales link. 
My publisher tells me it will be another day or two until the book is available on Barnes and Noble.

I love that you stopped in today. Please leave me a comment to let me know you were here. (Comments are moderated due to spam, so it may take a few hours to appear.)

~ Nola
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