Happy Chemo-versary

by Nola on May 3, 2014

Today is May 3rd, and I am quietly doing a celebratory dance. Two years ago today I completed five months of chemotherapy treatment following surgery for uterine cancer. I always consider May 3rd as my graduation day or my “Chemoversary”. And actually, it’s the date my oncologist uses to count from when he says that if the cancer is going to recur at all, 80% will recur in the first two years. So, I’ve reached a new milestone. Yay!  And every day that passes just makes the chance of recurrence less and less.

There are no guarantees about how long we get to stay on the planet. A truck could mow us down at any moment. In fact, last week one did total my car, but my son and I walked away without a scratch. Not our time to go. But a great reminder to enjoy the day. Enjoy the smell of rain in the grass, the happy chirps of the sparrows nesting in the eaves, the warm  grip of my grand daughter’s little Ona - Childhood in motion. March 2014hand. It’s all good.

Happy chemoversary to me. Happy life to you all.

Thanks for stopping!

“Small town…big love.”


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