Goodbye, Toshiba

by Nola on April 2, 2014

Toshiba netbookTechnology is a wonderful thing. We can all agree with that, right? We need our smart phones and our computers and tablets and giant TVs. Don’t we? Well, speaking as the owner of a computer repair shop, I gotta say, “Yes, for sure.” Everyday I see customers whose lives are cast into chaos when their computers die or become clogged with viruses.

This week the shoe was on my foot, friends. My faithful Toshiba netbook decided to call it quits after four and a half years. My techie son, Spencer, says this is a phenomenal lifetime for a netbook, but I wasn’t nearly done with it. The two of us still had many books to write, hundreds of emails to compose.

I’ll be upgrading to a refurbished, full-size Acer later this week, and all my files will get transferred to that bigger, snazzier machine. Acer and I are destined for the best seller lists, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I did have to shed a tear or two. I loved my Toshiba netbook. Good-bye old friend.

Have a great week!

– Nola
“Small town…big love.”


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