Stay Safe and Strong

by Nola on February 17, 2014

20140217_084331As I’m writing this morning, a steady cold rain drones on outside my window. It’s beginning to get light, so I can see the downed branches and debris on my lawn. All night the wind soughed in the 100-foot fir trees that surround our house on three sides, singing me to sleep.

We usually do have a wind storm or two every winter. When we first moved to this place, they worried me. I read that the Native American tradition was to offer tobacco and corn to the trees as gifts. I did that for the first couple of storms. Trees went down on our neighbor’s property, but never on ours. Over time I began to trust our trees not to fall. “Stay safe and strong,” I say to them. And they do.

I wish I could show you the picture I took from my deck this morning. All the beautiful firs were posing just for me, strong and true. But my camera is not talking to my computer for some reason. When I figure out the problem, I’ll come back and post the pic. Meanwhile, my latest story is tugging at my sleeve, so I better go write while I can.

Have a great week, everyone!

– Nola
“Small town…Big love.”

P.S. I got the pic to load finally. What is not apparent is that the trees you see out there are several feet thick, not the delicate saplings they appear to be in this pic.

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