Enjoy Every Moment

by Nola on January 8, 2014

Carson and Ona Xmas 2013This morning I was looking through my phone, deciding which pictures from Christmas to keep and which to discard, and I came across this one of my older son, Carson, and his little girl, Leona Mae – “Ona”.  Carson is 29, and as I studied this photo, the years suddenly collapsed like a telescope, and I was seeing a Christmas from the early days of my marriage, when this young man was just two years old himself, sitting in a happy pile of Christmas clutter.  Where did the time go?

More importantly, what lies ahead in that same span of time? And what will I do with the days I’ll be given between now and then? Or between now and whenever things end here for me? That’s the big question.

Ona decided to come to the planet – against many odds – the very same week I began chemotherapy two years ago. I can’t dismiss that “coincidence”. We both chose life at the same time, despite the odds. She is just beginning, while I am on a whole new leg of my journey. Everything around me seems to have special, supercharged meaning. Every morning is a gift.  When I look in the mirror each day I remind myself, “Enjoy every moment.”

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be announcing some changes in my career path. These changes fall right in line with enjoying every moment, and spending my life doing what I love.

I hope YOU are doing what you love. Enjoy every moment! See you next week.

– Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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