Happy New Year!

by Nola on January 1, 2014

Hey friends! I trust your celebration last night was fun and safe. Welcome to 2014! It’s going to be a great year.

Xmas tree 2013 bird feederI spent this morning helping my younger son take down the Christmas tree. It’s always a sad time for me because I’m terribly sentimental, and especially so this year, when the tree seemed extra glorious. But instead of burning it as the men in the house love to do, this year the beautiful little Douglas fir got reborn as a bird feeding station. We left the tree in its stand and set it out in the yard. I tied mini bagels to some branches, as well as a couple of seeded pine cones. I can’t wait for the birds to discover the bounty.

Making seeded cones is easy. And never underestimate how fun it is to play with soft, squishy lard. Just thread a ribbon through the top of a pine cone and tie it, leaving plenty of length for tying to the tree. Fill a dinner plate or pie pan with wild bird seed. Then smear the bottom portion of the cone with the lard, working a generous amount into all the crevices. Kids will love this part and lard is a wonderful source of food energy for the birds during the winter months. Then roll the cone in the seeds, making sure a thick layer sticks to the lard. Voila!  Tie the cones securely to your repurposed tree or to a tree already in your yard, making sure to position it so the birds can perch to eat the seeds. At our house, all the goodies had to be tied to the top branches, since our collie, Kiki, was sure those bagels were meant for her. LOL.

Friends, I’m so excited for the new year. In 2014, I’m going to be making some announcements and moving in a new direction with my writing. It’s a thrilling time for me and I can hardly wait to tell you more about it.

Have a wonderful week!

– Nola
“Small town…Big love.”

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