Holiday Happenings

by Nola on December 11, 2013

Xmas 2013 treeFor the past week, our area of the country has been hit with sub-freezing temperatures that never climbed over that 32 degree mark. Our water pump froze up, and we’ve been making do with the water already stored in our 600-gallon holding tank. It’s been a time for using paper plates and baby wipes, and putting on clothes that maybe I would normally have tossed in the laundry instead of wearing again.

But it was also our traditional Christmas-tree-cutting weekend, the first weekend after my son’s birthday. So he and hubby ventured forth into the forest and found a man selling his beautiful Nobel Firs for just $20. They chose a gorgeous one, and we had a lovely Sunday, decorating the tree, eating fresh-baked cookies and sipping our hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps. Yum! Here’s a picture of hubby putting a few finishing touches on the tree, being supervised by Kiki the collie.

As far as writing, I’m still in the plotting stages of my next book. Nothing on paper this week. I have a hunch I might not get back to it until after the holidays are done. I’ve also been helping get my brother’s first book ready for publishing. And of course I’ve been doing some gentle marketing of the Christmas anthology containing my first story, Candlelight and Kisses. Sales have been disappointing. It’s such a lovely book with three such wonderful stories. The other authors and I are sad that more readers have not discovered us. ┬áBut what can you do? Just keep writing and dreaming.

I hope your dreams are all coming true. Enjoy the season!

~ Nola
“Small town – big love.”



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