Happy Thanksgiving

by Nola on November 27, 2013

It’s been a busy two weeks since my last post. We’ve had overnight company at our house, and we’re making headway with the Christmas list and coordinating plans for our Thanksgiving feast. We are blessed to have our family all together this year, including my elderly parents and our charming little grand daughter, Ona. At our computer repair shop (Battle Ground Computers), things have been slower than usual, so I know other families are busy getting ready for the holidays too.

C&KBoxedSetOn the writing front, I’ve been doing what I can to market Candlelight and Kisses without being too pushy. It’s a fine balance. Sales are very slow. We’re in the deep end of the pool with a lot of big romance author names who also just released their Christmas books. It may take us a while to get noticed.  In an effort to stand out more, I redesigned the book’s cover this week to make it look more Christmassy. Then I created a “boxed set” cover image to show clearly that the reader gets three novellas for the price of one. This type of anthology cover design is the newest thing on Amazon. There are lots of anthologies out at this time of year. I’m very pleased with how ours turned out.

I haven’t gotten back into the swing of working every day on a story. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little grumpy today. I’m sure that mood will pass as I focus more on everything I am grateful for.  I am wishing you and your family a wonderful Thankgiving holiday.

“Small town…big love.”




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