Candlelight and Kisses

by Nola on November 13, 2013

20131113_093119_1Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday. A lot of the most colorful leaves are gone from the trees in our area. We had a windstorm last week that took away all but the sheltered ones. Still, the autumn landscape is very peaceful and lovely in its own way. I have about a 10 minute drive into town to work every morning, and I do try to use that time to frame a positive mindset for the day. It’s not hard when the view looks like this. In only weeks, this will likely be a frosty field, and possibly covered with a blanket of snow.  That will be a different kind of beauty, to be appreciated for its own sake. I do adore the changing of the seasons.

This was a very busy week for me. Intense. I learned how to format our new e-book, Candlelight and Kisses, for publication in both Amazon and Smashwords. (Once Smashwords finishes processing it, they distribute to Barnes and Noble, Apple, and other smaller e-reader outlets.) My brain really creaked and groaned, let me tell you, but in the end I learned a few new things and felt that sense of triumph you get when you push yourself to succeed.  I’m so proud of this book. The three stories are each gems on their own — if I do say so myself — and together they make for a solid couple of hours of holiday reading joy. There’s nothing like a Christmas love story!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next Wednesday!

Oh – and here is the buy link at Amazon for Candlelight and Kisses, if you’re so inclined.  Buy it now. 

“Small town – big love.”


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