Out my Writing Window ~ October 9, 2013

by Nola on October 9, 2013

Today is the 32nd anniversary of the day I met my husband. He proposed to me a year later on this same date, and we got married just six weeks after that. We couldn’t wait! ┬áSo here’s a shout out to my hubby, Tom, and the Willamette Week news paper, where I ran my personal ad. I never bargained for 32 years of awesomeness, but that’s what I got. And the awesomeness continues!

20130814_082028This morning there was a new sound in our waking house: the furnace kicking on. What a lovely little rumble that is! Last year we decided to rough it and heat the whole house with our wood stove, just to see what it would be like not to pay exorbitant fuel oil prices. Our stove does a wonderful job of heating the main part of the house, and some of the wood we did wrangle for free, but overall we felt the experiment was a failure. Bottom line, on those cold rainy mornings, no one wants to go outside and bring in logs or split kindling, and no one wants to stand there shivering while they attempt to light the thing off. There’s a reason furnaces were invented, folks. As I laid there listening to the sound of my house warming up, I felt mighty grateful to the inventor. This year, we’ll only fire up the woodstove when we need some ambiance.

I spent this last weekend writing, trying to finish up my Christmas story, A Home for my Heart, which will appear in the holiday anthology Candlelight and Kisses, releasing November 11th. I logged over 7,000 words. (Note intentional pun.) By Monday I was completely disoriented from spending two full days in an imaginary town with characters who don’t exist. And my butt had long since fallen asleep.

But I loved every minute of it.

Have a great week!


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