Out my Writing Window – September 25, 2013

by Nola on September 25, 2013

Hey Everyone. Wow, this Wednesday really got here quick. The weekend went by in a blur. I spent all day Sunday and Monday at the keyboard. Finished the Christmas story I wrote under my pen name and then logged quite a few words on the new Christmas story I’m writing under my own name, Home for My Heart. But after getting off to a really great start, I noticed the well kind of ran dry. For the past two days I haven’t had much luck writing. Have had to delete most of what I wrote because it was about as inspired as a grocery list. Where had my muse gone? I was so sure this story would be awesome!

Then I saw this cartoon by Doug Savage today and knew the answer:

Savage Chicken cartoon


Hope that made you chuckle. It sure did me. Have a great week!

~ Nola
“Small town ~ Big love.”

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