Out My Writing Window – September 11, 2013

by Nola on September 11, 2013

20130909_150547_1Hello, friends. One can hardly expect to type this date without recalling what happened in New York and Washington DC…and on that jet above Pennsylvania. Remembering, I am humbled by the selfless acts of the responders and the brave passengers of Flight 93. And I feel for the families of those who were lost. I cannot even imagine.

But I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe we create our own reality with our thoughts. So I do not dwell on that day. I release it and everyone involved into Hands much larger than mine.

Monday is my full time writing day. I try to log a couple thousand words every Monday, and this week was no exception. I was at my computer for about nine hours. But a girl has to take a break now and then, and so I took a walk in the yard with my dog, Kiki. It was a lovely late summer day. The fir woods smelled amazing. I wish I knew what combination of foliage and moss and magic makes that sweet scent!  Here is a picture of Kiki standing in a field of yellow stars. Pretty girl.

I’m nearing completion of my Christmas anthology story. Our release date will be November 11. I hope you’ll check Amazon on that day and download your copy of Candlelight and Kisses.

Have a great week, everyone.

“Small town…Big love.”





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