Out My Writing Window ~ August 28, 2013

by Nola on August 28, 2013

Asian Pears 2013Good Morning, Friends. It’s Wednesday again, isn’t it? ┬áLast weekend hubby and I took a trip to the southern Oregon coast to visit my brother. On the way, we stopped in the little town of Cottage Grove for dinner. What a charming place the historic district is! A perfect setting for my small town romance stories. I am already planning a trip back there in a month or so to take some photos of Main Street as inspiration. I hope the trees will still have some leaves.

Here at home, our Asian pear tree is heavy with fruit. We have six trees in the small orchard we planted seventeen years ago: three pears, a plum, a peach and an apple. This is the first year this particular pear tree has been so loaded down. I’m afraid the branch may give way if we don’t get out there and pick them soon.

I love the bounty of food you grow yourself. So much more delicious than what you buy at the store, isn’t it?

I’ve added a couple thousand more words to my Christmas anthology story this week. To be more precise, I added them to the story I am writing under my pen name. I’ll also be writing one under my own name, but I won’t be starting it until the first story is finished. The deadline for both is the first week of October. September is going to be one busy month, friends!

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week!

“Small town…big love.”


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