Out My Writing Window ~ August 21

by Nola on August 21, 2013

Angel Grove August 2013Hello again, Friends. Last week I wrote about how my hubby had recently rented a brush hog and mowed down most of the “wilderness” on our three acres. One area he didn’t touch is a spot we call Angel Grove. It’s a grouping of eleven Douglas Firs near the house that seemed to us from the very beginning to have an especially peaceful quality to it. Beneath those firs, the salal and ferns and snowberries have taken over, but there is still a small clearing where one can stand and look up into the “cathedral” of limbs, and commune with that family of trees. It is magical indeed.

This week I made good progress on my Christmas anthology story. It’s turning out to be quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, and the deeper into it I go, the more confusing my real life gets. On the one hand, I just finished cutting a Christmas tree in the snow with my hero and heroine and their children. Meanwhile, here at home, my front door is propped open to let in a balmy summer breeze. If I sometimes seem disoriented, this may be the reason why.

Thanks for joining me today. Have a great week.

~ Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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