Look Out Seattle!

by Nola on June 5, 2013

The other morning I got up earlier than usual for a Sunday, but I didn’t mind. I was anxious to meet online with my two critique buddies, Kaylie Newell and Amy Lamont. Kaylie had said she needed some plot advice, and I was anxious to hear more about her work in progress and help out if I could (despite the fact that I’m impaired when it comes to plotting.)

Luckily, my puny plotting skills were never put to the test. It turned out to be a wonderful, crafty ruse! My birthday is in three weeks, and they got me up early to surprise me with the news that we were all three going to the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Seattle this fall. They’re paying my way as my birthday gift!!

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been to a writer’s conference (don’t ask!), so you can imagine I’m really looking forward to sinking into the experience of all those info-laden workshops, as well as rubbing elbows with successful writers, agents and editors. I can hardly wait! But mostly, I’m thrilled to go because this will be the first time that Kaylie and I have met Amy, and the first time the three of us have hung out in the real world together. These two women have been the best friends I could ask for. From hundreds of miles away they have held my hand, listened to my fears, cheered me on and given me great advice on my writing and my life in general. I hope I have done the same for them.

Thanks so  much, friends! You mean more to me than I can say here, and I am so looking forward to the three of us hanging out together in just four months.  Look out Seattle! The Romance Mavens are coming!


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