Holiday Wishes

by Nola on December 12, 2012

Is it just too incredibly trite to say that the last few weeks have simply flown by? What the heck is the deal with TIME, anyway? Does it just HAVE TO disappear the way it does? Sheesh! Give me a break!

So here it is, December 12th, less than two weeks until Christmas. I finally gave up trying to get any writing done as of a few days ago. Things are just too busy around our house and our computer repair business. If I’m going to get any shopping done or gifts made or cookies baked, something else has to give. But I’m happy to report that I have not one but TWO books in the works right now, and I’m in love with them both. As soon as the holidays are over, I’ll be turning my attention there once more.

Some day soon I hope to have my life set up again to be a little more supportive of my writing career. ┬áIn the mean time, I’m wishing my readers all the blessings of the Christmas season, but mostly LOVE.

– Nola

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