My Alter Ego Realizes her Dream

by Nola on January 11, 2011

Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to write for Harlequin or Silhouette, the two biggest players in the  romance genre. It never occurred to me to aim lower, and I guess it still represents for me the pinnacle of romance writing success. I picture myself turning out two or three Silhouette Special Editions each year, becoming a valued and commercially successful member of the Special Edition stable of writers like Christine Rimmer and Victoria Pade.

But the wheels of success turn slowly in the traditional print media game. One can spend months or years waiting for a response to a query, then more months waiting for a response to a “partial” submission. To circumvent part of this process, one can do well in a writing contest, and the result just could be a direct route to the editor’s desk. That’s what I’m hoping for: I’ve entered my 60,000-word manuscript, The Tycoon and the Nature Girl, in the Golden Heart, the grand daddy of contests for unpublished romance novelists. If I am a finalist, I might get lucky and attract the attention of a Harlequin editor. I won’t know how I did in the GH until late March.

Meanwhile, it has not escaped my notice that e-publishing has become a more and more viable alternative to print publishing. The e-publishers are accepting much shorter works with non-traditional story lines. Especially popular now is erotica in all its different flavors.  My two critique partners and I were discussing the possibility of writing short erotica last month, as a way to just-hurry-up-and-get-published while we wait for the wheels at Harlequin to turn.

So, kinda on a dare, I wrote a short piece and submitted it to an erotic e-publisher under a pseudonym. You guessed it: the story sold. So my alter ego – who shall remain nameless because friends and family may read this – is now getting to experience the dream of being published. The anthology of stories including mine will come out next month. I’ve gone through the editing process and seen the cover art. I’ve become a part of an online community of erotic authors who write for that e-publisher. Soon my alter ego will be guest-blogging and doing interveiws, loving every minute of it.

And I – Nola – will just keep editing and polishing my Special Edition stories, keeping my eyes on the far off horizon of my dream. I’ll let you know how it goes.

~ Nola

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Hubby January 15, 2011 at 1:45 am

Keep it up, Sweetie.

I’m learning that my own focus on one particular goal or direction seems to dull my awareness of other opportunities that may show up. Like you said, this ebook thing is changing everything and we should be on the lookout for the success that will sneak through the side door while you’re waiting for the biggies to notice you.

I love you…


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