Where I am Going

by Nola on November 1, 2012

If you’ve read the few posts I’ve put up in the last year, you know I had been writing and selling erotic romance under my alter ego name. I’ve also been under treatment for cancer and I’m doing well. Treatment now over, no evidence of disease on the last scan I had.

If there’s one thing cancer does for a person, it’s to give a little focus to one’s future. Staring at my mortality made me ask, “Where am I going?” ┬áIf I only have 10 years or 20 or even 30 more years, how do I really want to spend them?

I’ve still been asking myself that question since my writing ability returned a couple of months ago. (Prior to that I had had a bad case of “chemo brain” for several months. Yikes!) Following treatment, I picked up the threads of an erotic novella I had started before my diagnosis and was trying to slam dunk an ending to it. But try as I might, I couldn’t get interested in what my characters were doing, or bring myself to care about whether they even had a happily ever after. Not a good sign.

Then I went to see the recently released movie, Cloud Atlas. What a movie! Go see it! It reminded me that what we do with our lives makes a difference. That even if our positive contribution to the Universe is small, it is important. I had to take a look at my writing and ask myself honestly if I wanted to keep contributing erotic novellas with characters I didn’t care about. Or do I want to write books that come more from my heart, with characters that grow and learn and love? Maybe there will be ideas in my books that readers haven’t thought about yet; maybe there are emotions they need to feel. Or maybe they just need to relax into a heart-warming story. Those stories will make a positive difference, even if it is a small one.

So that’s where I’m going. I’m letting go of the unfinished erotic novella and redirecting my energy back to a more traditional contemporary romance which I will write under my own name. I’ve already begun plotting a series that I’m calling The Everfield Series. You’ll be hearing more about it here in the next months.

I appreciate you stopping by.

– Nola
“Small town…big love.”

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