Sisters of the Heart

by Nola on October 16, 2011

One of my very favorite parts about being a writer/would-be-author, is getting to know other writers. Especially romance writers. Not a better bunch of women out there. This month at Romance Mavens, the group blog I’ve started with three other women, we’re talking about sisters and sisterhood. Nowhere is there a better example of sisterhood than in the romance writing industry. Although I have had the misfortune to know one author who was petty and insecure, I am happy to say she was a rare exception.

I’ve had a few personal setbacks lately, and my writing track has stalled. I hope to get it kickstarted again very shortly. No way have I thrown in the towel, Harlequin, so be ready for me! Meanwhile, my writing sisters have been nothing but supportive and loving, helping me through a difficult personal time.  They are true sisters to me – sisters of the heart.

So today when one of my writing sisters found out that her wonderful story — Mandy’s Marine — had won the Lone Star writing contest, and that she had multiple requests — one of them from Harlequin — I felt every thrilling bit of her excitement right along with her. When you are Sisters of the Heart, there is no jealousy, insecurity or back-biting; there is only true joy at your sister’s well-deserved success.

Congratulations, Amy Lamont. You’re right on the threshold!  I love it that I can share these moments with you!

– Nola
“Small town – Big love.”


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