The Beauty of a Fresh Start

by Nola on January 3, 2011

It’s a fresh new year. Ahhh.

For me, marking the New Year is not really about looking back or being anxious to close certain chapters in my life, but much like a new morning can free me from a grumpy mood or limiting thoughts, a new year provides a clean page on which to create my life newly.

This year, almost all my resolutions and goals center on writing. It’s mostly about numbers, which means the rest of my life has to be aligned to support my writing efforts. Better household organization, better time management, eating better, sleeping better so my mind is clear and sharp. There’s a lot to consider. But since I have found it is not likely I will create something worthwhile from inside a chaotic environment, a more ordered life has to be my number one priority.

Then I can add the “frosting”: an excellent cup of my favorite decaf coffee, an inspiring view from the window above my writing desk, peaceful background music on the CD player and my favorite exotic incense. Include a cat or two draped over nearby chairs, and my dog at my feet, and it’s bound to be a productive year.

I wish the same for all of you.

~ Nola

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