Riding the Wave

by Nola on August 23, 2011

For those of us who have been writing for a long time, the act of writing becomes a constant in the day, in our lives. No matter whether we have a nine-to-five job elsewhere, or are mothering young ones, the conversation of writing runs steadily in the background at all times. There is always a question to be answered: when today, will I find the time to tuck in a few pages or a few thousand words? It pulls at you, nags you, until you answer the call or make a definite decision not to write at all on this particular day.

Like wise, in times of turmoil or personal challenge — such as illness in the family or money worries or relationship troubles — the call to write draws you just as strongly. “Come into the story, into the fantasy world. Create something better than the reality you live in right now. Find a little peace here, inside the discipline of writing.” It’s a little like riding the top of a wave, buoyed up there in the bright light of your mental process, your story. It can save you sometimes. At least that’s how it feels to me.

And I like it. Very much.

~ Nola
“Small Town…Big Love”


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