The Ambiance of Chaos

by Nola on August 4, 2011

This past year I have discovered how to write even in the middle of chaos. What a surprise! I can tune out almost anything in my quest to complete a manuscript. I often write during the day at my job at our family business, juggling interruptions by co-workers and customer phone calls.  I’ve finally figured out how to regain my focus in only a matter of seconds, to settle back into the fictional world I’ve created and pick up the threads of my story right where I left off.

But what I enjoy most is writing under the perfect conditions. For me, this always involves music. Mind you, I can only write to music that has no lyrics or rhythm, as both of those elements interfere with my thought process. That means I usually write to “New Age” type stuff, wandering flutes, chimes and the like. In addition, I enjoy running a burbly water fountain in the back ground. For additional ambiance, I burn my favorite incense, a spicey blend from India called “Celestial”. If it’s a warm day, I write with a fan blowing directly on me. In the winter, I wrap a light soft blanket around me, leaving only my head exposed. And always there are cats draped on chairs nearby or supervising from a spot on the desk right next to my laptop.

Under these ideal conditions I’ve been know to turn out several thousand words on a given day. What about you? Want to share your ideal writing ambiance?

~ Nola

“Expect romance!”



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Amy Lamont August 9, 2011 at 12:36 pm

My ideal writing writing ambiance is to have a little background distraction. I’m finding having the kids running in and out all day this summer to be a little too much distraction, but I do well if it’s not totally quiet. One thing that works well for me is to wait until everyone is in bed at night, and then I turn on the television. I try to find a tv show or movie I’ve seen a million times, and then turn the volume down low and get to work. I seem to be able to be pretty productive under those conditions. The book store, too. I can sit quietly and annonymously and work, but still have the hum of noise and activity going on around me.


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