Cats and Lovers

by Nola on August 2, 2011

Was thinking this morning about the cats I’ve had in my lifetime, and in particular the really lovely fellow who lives with me now named Muffin (one of four resident felines). He’s a gorgeous pale gray striped guy with a white bib and paws and a white blaze. His eyes are a pale sea green. He’s striking. But what I treasure most is Muffin’s  complex personality.

We are blessed to live in the country. Muffin’s mother was a feral cat who used our garage pump box to deposit her litter in before disappearing back into the woods. Due to his heritage, Muffin is mostly an outdoor cat, though he is welcome at all times to come and go through his pet door. He spends the summer days lounging on the lawn or stalking critters in the adjoining meadow. Every morning he comes with me when I take our collie dog for her morning walk up the lane. Sometimes he will disappear for days. Probably, he is on a hunting mission in the neighboring forests, expressing his wild side. But then he will show up again in the middle of the night, kneading on my chest, purring and pressing his little face into mine. Home from “the crusades”, he reconnects with me on a very deep level for just a few moments, then goes off to check his food bowl.

So what I realized today is that Muffin is really like the ideal man. He’s busy out there in the world doing he-man cat stuff most of the time, very much his own little “person”. But when it’s time for true love, I’m the one he comes home to, and he’s not afraid to show how he feels.  Can’t beat that.  Who knows — I might even write him as a hero in a romance some day.

~ Nola

“Expect romance!”


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