Reimagining My Manuscript

by Nola on April 19, 2011

Today I heard back from my first-pick agent. What a thrill. She sent a very complimentary email but said the story needed work to make it right for my target line, Harlequin Special Edition. She offered to work with me to revise it, if I didn’t find someone else to rep me. I wrote back and thanked her and told her she was my first choice. Just minutes later my phone rang.

This very busy professional then took 20 minutes to discuss with me in detail the points in my story that needed to be addressed. Again she was very complimentary of my writing (yes!) and even answered a couple of questions I had, related to a different story. She invited me to submit my story to her again when I had made the revisions. She was warm and friendly, a joy to speak with.

After hanging up, I was at once jubilant and daunted. To rewrite to the extent she suggested would mean chopping chunks out of several chapters. But how wonderful that I learned what I learned early enough in the game to capitalize on it. If I can get this rewrite done, and it’s any good, I still have a chance to take advantage of my Golden Heart® Finalist status while the window of opportunity is cracked open.

A little later, as I stared at a blank computer screen entitled Revision Ideas, I decided I needed to do more than chop out chunks. I needed to start over from the beginning and take the story down to its bones. The bones are good. They stand. But I want to hang a new, fresh story on those bones. I want to lighten up my heroine a little and make my hero a little more alpha. I want their oil-and-water magic to come across on almost every page. When I get done with this rewrite, only the title and parts of chapter one and eight will be recognizable.

Bring it!

– Nola

Expect romance!

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Arlene @ Love & Laughter April 20, 2011 at 12:22 am

Oh, Nola! That’s exciting — and scary — news. I haven’t had any agents offer to help me revise yet … but the thought of doing all that in the few short weeks until conference is terrifying. Good luck with the revisions!


Nola April 20, 2011 at 1:16 pm

It was a first for me too. I can hardly wait to get at this rewrite. Thanks for your comments, Arlene. Wishing you luck out there too.


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