Happy Holidays

by Nola on December 20, 2010

We’re five days out from Christmas now. At my house, the dining room table is piled with wrapping paper, ribbon and bows in preparation for getting all the gifts bundled up and under the tree. It’s colorful chaos, and a reminder that there is still much to do. We’re having two celebration days this year, one on the 25th with part of our family, and a second gathering and dinner on the 26th. We are blessed to have so many loved ones with us.

As the big day gets closer and the time for preparations shorter and more critical, I find I have to let go of my expectations of getting writing projects completed, and just relax into the holiday swirl. Part of being a writer is being present to what’s going on around you, and noticing in an intentional way how life looks and sounds and smells. All of it will be fodder for the page at some future date.

So even when I’m not writing….I’m being a writer.

Warmest wishes for a lovely holiday!

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