by Nola on April 7, 2011

I am having the worst time revising a scene in Chapter 10 of The Tycoon and the Nature Girl, my Golden Heart® finalist manuscript. It’s really the last scene I need to fix, and it’s an important one. It’s the scene just before the Black Moment. If the plot elements and my hero’s actions and motives aren’t clear to the reader, the whole Black Moment will fall flat. Or so it seems to me.

Right now the scene feels “mushy” to me. The elements are all there but they don’t feel crisp and clear. Clarity is always best.

According to my faithful Random House dictionary, to revise means: 1)to amend or alter. That’s accurate. But when I look at the word “revision” I see two parts. I see “have the vision again.” Somehow, that’s what I need to do, have a whole new vision of the scene. Maybe that means actually deleting it and starting from scratch, because it’s getting harder and harder to muck through the existing words and pages trying to make changes.

You know what? That feels right to me. It’s time to start with the blank page again, time to have a whole new vision for this little scene. I’m glad I thought of that.

– Nola

“Expect Romance!”

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