by Nola on March 30, 2011

Clarity is a very good thing. Sometimes it takes a while to reach that point. As the glow of finaling in the Golden Heart® subsides just a little, I’m making use of new resources to get a better view of where I am heading.

Now is a great time to get my manuscript in front of an editor at Harlequin. No need to wait for the convention in June; the finalist designation makes it likely it will be read. But then what? I have to admit that I’m out of my depth. Although I have lately learned to work with an e-publisher/editor for my short erotic pieces, the thought of wading through the contract of a big New York house makes my knees quake. I’m shy. Besides, I just want to write! —  and leave that legal stuff and that “pitching” stuff up to someone who knows how it goes. Make sense?

So my clarity came in the form of realizing my next step is to find a great agent. I’m hearing several names over and over from fellow finalists, and I’ve just about decided who to submit to first. Today I’ll be polishing my query letter and getting my manuscript ready to send. It’s “go time”! Wish me luck.

– Nola

“Expect Romance!”

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