Loving It!

by Nola on March 28, 2011

Okay, three days ago I got the call that I’d been judged a finalist in the Golden Heart® writing competition, sponsored by the Romance Writers of America.  Since then I’ve been floating on cloud nine. I’ve checked out possible literary agents to submit my manuscript to, I’ve determined for sure that I cannot attend the “Nationals” in New York in July where the winner will be crowned, and I’ve joined a yahoo-group of other GH finalists.  In between, I’ve pecked away at my manuscript, polishing it up a bit, and updated this site just in case someone is checking me out.

I Love It! So often, a writer’s life exists in a vacuum. Solitary hours are spent writing, then deleting, then questioning whether deletes should have been made or whether one should be writing at all. Now, I have a focus, and that is to take every opportunity to enhance my chances of selling my manuscript. No question. That’s what’s important right now. It’s kind of a relief to have things be so clear for a change.

– Nola

“Expect Romance!”

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