Here Come the Holidays!

by Nola on November 27, 2017

Our family just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and get-together. (I gained five pounds, so you know the food was delicious.)  Now I’m trying to wrap my head around the next four weeks of holiday preparations. I’ve done zero shopping so far and in fact have very few ideas for gifts. Every year I promise myself that I’ll take notes about the perfect thoughtful gifts to bestow, and every year I come up against the first of December with a blank list.

Help me out, people. What methods do you use to keep track of great gift ideas? Do you always manage to choose just the right present for those on your list? Or do you end up giving gift cards or cash to your loved ones? I’d be open to any ideas you have for me.

On the writing front, Ringing in the New was just published and is doing fairly well. It’s hard to be just one more Christmas story in a sea of Christmas stories! As of this week I’m back to working on the first full length book in the Everfield series, Making Merri. I hope to be done by mid-January.

It’s going to get crazy over the next few weeks. I may not be back here for awhile, so please let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones the very best holiday season ever. Take a few minutes here and there to notice and appreciate your blessings. I’ll talk to you all next year.

~ Nola Cross
“Small town…big love.”

PS:  If you’d like to buy Ringing in the New, here’s the Amazon link. 



Get Cozy with a Book

by Nola on October 28, 2017

No denying it — Autumn has arrived. Temperatures have dropped, the cats are staying in at night and pumpkin is the baking ingredient du jour. And of course the trees are sporting their autumn finery. Every year I say the same thing, that the colors are more brilliant than the year before. And this year is no exception — the trees are magnificent. This pic was taken on a street near our computer repair shop in Battle Ground, Washington.

Of course Autumn also means more time indoors. And that means reading great stories. A whole slew of holiday books are about to flood Amazon. I hope you’ll find lots of wonderful reads. I am re-releasing my novella from 2016 — Ringing in the New — in mid November as a stand alone story. It’s a prequel to the Everfield Romance series, and you’ll get to meet Rick and Annie and lots of the other characters who play roles in the later books. Keep an eye out for that one. It will be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon during November.

Whatever you’re reading this season, I hope you stay warm and cozy. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Nola Cross
Small town…big love.


Guest Author Interview: Leigh Lee

July 24, 2017

Today I am thrilled to welcome historical romance author Leigh Lee as my special guest. She has a brand new book out, and I’m lucky enough to have read an ARC. Anyone who enjoys historical romance – especially Civil War era romance – will love Rules of Decorum. NC:  Leigh, where did you get the […]

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July 18, 2017
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The Small Joys of Summer

July 18, 2017

You know, life is short. It really does just kind of zip right past while we are busy doing and planning other stuff. This year, I am making a point to notice and enjoy the summer. I work during the day at our computer repair shop, but the evenings are all mine. I especially enjoy […]

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Bring on the Spring

May 16, 2017

I don’t know about you, but the current political climate in our country has sure been distracting me, to the point that very few words are ending up on the page these days. Everfield Book One – Making Merri is still being revised from a 35,000-word novella into 70,000-word novel. I’m drafting new sections, chopping […]

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Thank you, Readers!

February 25, 2017

After less than a week on the market, I am thrilled to announce that Hawk’s Promise is an Amazon bestseller in the category of multicultural romance. Huge thanks to my readers. I hope you enjoy the story!   ~ Nola “Small town…big love.”

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It’s all About Love

February 7, 2017

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What’s your preference? Flowers? Chocolates? Dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or maybe some naughty lingerie? After being married for thirty-four years to my best friend, I have to admit that Valentine’s Day is kind of anticlimactic at our house. (This year I bought a pair of gorgeous amethyst earrings as […]

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Happy New Year

January 4, 2017

Hey Everyone! The past month flew by as I got involved up to my elbows in all-things-holiday. We had a busy and wonderful Christmas week, with three separate dinner celebrations, and of course the Christmas morning festivities. I always set out a finger food buffet for Christmas day. We all nibble as we chat, watch […]

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It’s Christmastime!

December 10, 2016

Hi Friends — Fall has just kind of dissolved into Winter here at my house. We’ve had snow twice already and it’s not even officially Winter yet. Our newest family member, Frank, had always been an indoor kitty until he came to live with us in late October. Since then he has discovered a whole […]

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